Virgin Islands Sustainable Farm Institute

The Virgin Islands Sustainable Farm Institute sprawls over 100 acres of the highlands of northwest St. Croix. The highlands are infamous for their verdant hills and hidden valleys that make up the flourishing landscape of VISFI. In early 2003 the founders began nurturing the farm and pastures into a thriving landscape of orchards and gardens. Stroll the land and make your way through large bamboo groves and glistening ponds that are home to tilapia and other local fish. VISFI supports organic agriculture and encourages educational learning to support a clean ecosystem and maintain a healthy environment for our predecessors.

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Caribbean Museum Center for the Art

The Caribbean Museum Center for Arts is a beautiful venue that features local artists works from digital photography, drawings, and more. While this museum features a large amount of artistic work, it is also a center of educational experiences. This museum holds weekly classes in pottery making, print media, drawing classes, clay classes, and more. CMCArts’ provides a spacious setting for exhibition galleries and includes working art studios and classrooms, a fully equipped pottery studio, gift shop, offices and protected courtyard for performances and events. Visit CMCA and indulge in Caribbean artwork.

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Buddhoe Park

Buddhoe Park is a small shady park serves a great historical symbol for much of the African American population of St. Croix. On July 3, 1848, General Buddhoe congregated thousands of armed salves and demanded their freedom. Today hundreds of people fill the streets of Frederikstead across from Buddhoe Park to celebrate the anniversary of emancipation of slavery. Each year key speakers come to celebrate the bravery and sacrifices of their ancestors, and pay homage to their valiant efforts. Festivities also include live music, traditional African ceremonies, and a group prayer.

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Whim Plantation Museum

The Whim Plantation is the oldest sugar plantation in the Virgin Islands. This sugar plantation was ran in the early 18th century and covered over 12 acres of land. Many of the buildings and machinery, such as the windmill and sugar factory, have been recently restored and now open for the public to explore. Learn about the rich history of sugar plantations at the Estate Whim Plantation Museum. Take a guided tour of the plantation learn the financial side of the plantation, the procedures used in the cultivating the sugar, and learn of the everyday life of owners and workers of the plantation.

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Apothecary Hall Museum

The Apothecary Hall Museum is located in downtown Christiansted, on the island of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. This Apothecary was established in the early 18th century in order to prepare medicines for the Danish military that was stationed in Christiansted. Rich with history, the apothecary was deemed a Danish Colonial pharmacy museum … Read more