Concordia Eco Tents

Concordia Eco – Tents are designed for the ecologically sensitive tourist that desires to truly enjoy Caribbean paradise. Located on the west side of the island by Cruz Bay, Concordia Eco- Tents offer a new spin on vacationing, creating “ecotourism.” This resort is famed for their “simplicity with the most up to date, sustainable and site sensitive technologies that are redefining ecotourism.” Continue reading “Concordia Eco Tents”

Caneel Bay Resort Review

Caneel Bay is located within the Virgin Islands National Park on St. John and maintains an environmentally friendly relationship with the park.The resort features seven secluded beaches and 170 verdant acres.

Caneel’s accommodations are designed to blend with the landscape, avoiding the “look at me” glitz and glare of many other resorts, affording guests an “island first and foremost” experience once outside their rooms and dining facilities.