Reef Bay Trail

The Reef Bay Trail is a National Park trail that is roughly three miles in length. You can find this trail about five miles outside of Cruz Bay, on Route Ten. Begin your walk of Reef Bay Trail at an elevation of 900 feet, walking through the dense tropical forest of St. John, and slowly travel down to the dazzling Caribbean ocean.

The Reef Bay Trail is a moderate trail that allows you to learn about the flora, fauna and history of St. John. The trail is scattered with signs that describe some of the foliage and structures that line the trail. The Reef Bay Trail is packed with history and includes Indian petroglyphs, plantation ruins, and a large portion of the plants native to St. John. Keep a look out for the small side trail that leads to Petroglyphs Trail and the Indian petroglyphs. On your journey through Reef Bay Trail, keep your eyes peeled for the fast moving and stunning hummingbirds that are native to these lands.

The National Park Visitor Center frequently runs scheduled ranger-guided hikes. This guided tour provides an educational resource on your tour through Reef Bay Trail. A bonus feature to the guided tour is that a boat is waiting at the bottom of the trail to take you back instead of hiking back up to the trailhead.