Amalia Café

Amalia Café is rustic restaurant located on the cobblestone Palm Passage, in the center of Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas.

This cafe is a local favorite, featuring Spanish cuisine with a tasty selection of “tapas” (small plates, a/k/a appetizers), exquisite seafood dishes, and delectable Spanish inspired deserts.

As stated on their website “tapas represent a style of eating and a way of life that’s entirely Spanish. They are always served quickly in small portions and are intended to be shared.” If you are reading this chances are you already know the pleasure of the experience of passing around and sharing a variety of unique and tasty small portions of great food.

Amalia Café trains their chefs with an intense course of Spanish culinary traditions, which they incorporate in every savory dish.

Their lunch menu includes appetizers of garlic shrimp, mussels in a brandy sauce and entrees of Scallops Oscar and Salmon Ammiel.

The menu at Amalia Cafe is reasonably priced for island eating. You can find their menu here: Amalia Cafe Menu

Find current information on Amalia Cafe’s Facebook page

You can find their menu here

24 Palm Passage, Charlotte Amalie
Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-3pm and 6-10pm
Reservations: (340) 714-7373